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Gugalaí Gug (Irish version)

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Futa Fata

Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin



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A nervous hen frets about where she should build her nest. A family of little green frogs learns how to swim. A strange chap called Máirtín goes for walks in the dead of night, especially if it’s raining. Gugalaí Gug is bristling with weird and wonderful characters and fun scenarios that will fire your imagination. This collection of traditional children’s rhymes from the Irish (Gaelic) tradition consists of a full-colour book and lavishly-produced audio CD. There are 29 tracks on the album: a lively mix of rhymes, a few children’s songs and one piece of virtuoso lilting or traditional mouth music. There’s even a traditional step-dancer, lending his exuberant rhythms to the mix!

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