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Laochra Lúfara: Gaiscí Snámha agus Tumadóireachta

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An Gúm





In this series we discover the most athletic, strongest and fastest animals. More importantly we discover which animals would be able to beat the best human athletes in the Olympic Games.

This book looks at Strength and Endurance, pitting the elephant against the ant in weightlifting and the kangaroo against the hare in boxing.

Irish language version of ‘Animalympics: Animal Strength and Combat Sports’, published by An Gúm

There are four books in the series:

Gaiscí Gleacaíochta
Gaiscí Lutchleasaíochta
Gaiscí Snámha agus Tumadóireachta
Gaiscí Nirt agus Troda

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