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Lísín: Criú Nua ar Bord

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Futa Fata

Patricia Forde






Shortlisted for Irish Book of the Year 2018

The fourth title in the Lísín series, sees the feisty pirate girl Lísín very excited that her posh classmates are coming to stay a night on board her floating home. But it’s the same night as Mum, Dad and Gran are going to the annual Pirates’ Dance! Gran is particularly excited to meet again an old friend she hasn’t seen in ages.

When the grown-ups leave and the kids arrive, trouble brews when one of the posh kids loosens the mooring rope and the Magic Dragon drifts out to sea. The situation gets even more serious when they meet another pirate ship out at sea,c captainedby a pirate who even scares Lísín……

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