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Secondhand books

An Siopa Leabhar is currently taking books from individuals for store credit. More info coming soon. Contact us for details, or 01 478 3814.

As of early 2020 we are dealing in secondhand books, a selection of which we list online in the secondhand section of the website. You can find the secondhand section at the back of the bookshop.

There is no overlap in the two sections: the products listed on the website are online only; the products in the secondhand section in the shop on Harcourt Street are not shown on the website.

Is An Siopa Leabhar currently taking in books?

Yes! See below for guidelines.

Guidelines for anyone wishing to give books to An Siopa Leabhar:

  • Please provide a description of what you have (e.g. how many books, the condition of the books, are there multiple lanuages). If you have a list already, even better!
  • Please provide images of the books so we can verify condition. If the books are shelved, we don’t expect a photo of every single individual book: give us an idea of what you have, and a description of general condition (you could take pictures of the books in the best and worst condition).
  • Books that are significantly damaged may not be accepted, or may be accepted for zero credit among a larger batch. For instance, we may not accept a book if there is no cover, if the pages are falling out, or especially if there is evidence of live mold or pests.
  • Store credit will be offered for books given. The base rate for Irish-language books (in saleable condition) given in is 50c per book in store credit. The rate per book may increase, based on reputation, condition and rarity of the book as well as the quantity of books being offered. If in doubt, get in touch with us and we can talk about what you have.
  • Store credit will be given on a voucher card to be used in store, over the phone or via email. Credit cannot be used on purchases made via
  • No credit will be offered for English-language books which are not directly about the Irish language or related to Irish history/culture. There are plenty of other shops who will take in English-language books.
  • We may be able to arrange a home visit if you are based in Dublin and have a large collection (e.g. more than 100 books).
  • We are limited in what we can collect from people directly at present; we can however arrange collection by courier in Dublin or provide postage labels if you’re outside Dublin and would be able to pack books and drop to a post office.
  • Please contact us by one of the following channels prior to dropping off books:
  • An Siopa Leabhar will be allowed to sell any books received, whether that is in the shop on Harcourt Street, online on the shop’s website or via social media, or at events taking place outside An Siopa Leabhar.
  • The handover of goods is final once the individual has received the store credit and items will not be returned to the individual. Please note that items may be sold on quite quickly once received by An Siopa Leabhar. It is advisable not to give us anything that you may not be ready to part with, e.g. books of sentimental value.
  • An Siopa Leabhar has limited storage space and may be required to temporarily stop accepting materials from time to time.
  • The above guidelines may be subject to change.