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A Bhfuil Aguinn Dár Chum Tadhg Dall Ó Huiginn – The Bardic Poems of Tadhg Dall Ó Huiginn (1550-1591) Vol II, Translation

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Eleanor Knott (foilsithe den chéad uair / first published 1926)

VIII + 360 pp. ISBN 1 870 16623 X

In his new introduction to Eleanor Knott’s two-volume edition of the poems of Tadhg Dall Ó Huiginn, Pádraig A. Breatnach stated that ‘the work is at once the single most comprehensive scholarly account from primary sources of the life and works of an Irish poet, and also provides an exemplary model, establishing thoroughly grounded principles of editorial method for such studies in the future’. Among the features of Miss Knott’s masterly introduction is a very valuable account of the bardic poets and their work. The poems are addressed to patrons who lived in the period 1560-1590. The poet, Tadhg Dall, was a native of North-East Connacht and, after a prosperous life, may have been murdered by some members of the O’Hara family in 1591.
This volume contains a new introduction by P.A. Breatnach (1997).

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