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Caithréim Conghail Cláiringhnigh – Martial Career of Conghal Cláiringhneach

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lxVIII + 234 pp. ISBN 1 870 16605 1

As with Volume 1 of the Series, the story of the martial career of ‘Flat-nailed Conghal’ belongs to the romantic cycle of Irish story-telling. However, like ‘the Pursuit of Gruaidh Grian-Sholus’ (Vol. 24 below), it features characters belonging to the heroic cycle of Ulster tales. After completing warrior deeds in Norway, England (where King Arthur was involved), and Rathlin, Conghal attained the kingship of Ireland . The ideals of heroism, physical endurance, and equity are extolled in the tale. This volume, prepared for the Society by Patrick M. MacSweeney, represents the only edition of the text.

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