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Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh: The Triumphs of Turlough Vol I , Text

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Standish Hayes O’Grady (foilsithe den chéad uair / first published 1929)

xvi + 238 pp. ISBN 1 870 16626 4

As Brian Ó Cuív pointed out, this volume is unique among the Society’s publications in as much as it had originally been prepared for publication by Cambridge University Press, when its editor, Standish Hayes O’Grady, died in 1915. However, it remained unpublished until the Society took it over, with Robin Flower, who also provided a short introduction, seeing it through the press. A very important historical source, the Caithréim was written, probably by a professional poet-historian of the McGrath family, in the interests of a branch of the O’Briens of Thomond. It contains a stirring account of O’Brien resistance to the advance of the Normans in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It is also an excellent example of the flowery style preferred by prose writers of this period. The two volumes contain several important indexes relating, among others, to the O’Briens, Burkes and Butlers.

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