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Cath Maige Mucrama: The Battle of Mag Mucrama

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Máirín O Daly (foilsithe den chéad uair / first published 1975)

VIII + 158 pp. ISBN 1 870 16650 7

Despite the reference to a single tale in its title, in fact the volume contains editions of four texts, all of them bearing on the legendary conflict between Mac Con, heir to the kingship of Corcu Loígde of South Munster, and Ailill Ólum and his son Eogan of the central plain of the same province. Eogan was the eponymous ancestor of the Eoganachta, who controlled the kingship of Munster over a period of several centuries, and one of the tales here edited, Scéla Eogain, contains the origin legend of this family. The edition, by Máirín O Daly, has been described by Brian Ó Cuív as exemplary.

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