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ITS-SS10 Fled Bricrenn – Reassessments (Seminar series)

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114 pp. 2000. ISBN 1 870 16689 2. Pádraig Ó Riain.

This volume represents the proceedings of the inaugural annual seminar of the Society, held in conjunction with the Departments of Irish at UCC. The papers collected here, which were contributed by Petra Hellmuth, Nicholas Jacobs, John T. Koch, the late Proinsias Mac Cana, and Bernhard Maier, provide much needed reassessments of this very important tale of the Ulster Cycle, which was originally edited for the Society by George Henderson (Main Series 2). The tale is perhaps best known for two of its motifs, the ‘Hero’s Portion’ and ‘the Champion’s Bargain’, and both of these are reassessed here.

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