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Book of the Month

What's That as Gaeilge
Garry Bannister - €14.95 €13.00

How do you say in Irish: ‘the icing on the cake,’ or ‘the acid test,’ or ‘my Irish is a little rusty’? What’s That as Gaeilge? will help you to express in Irish the most common idioms in everyday English.

Rogha na Foirne

Charlie agus Monarcha na Seacláide
Roald Dahl - €12.00

Nobody has seen Willy Wonka – or inside his amazing chocolate factory – for years. Then he announces plans to invite the winners of five Golden Tickets to visit his factory, and the whole world is after those tickets!

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Saturday 27 July
15.00 Re-opening Party for Club Chonradh na Gaeilge

Friday 20 September
18.00-21.00 Culture Night

Thursday 26 September
18.00 To be announced