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Bliain Chóineartaithe – Leabhar Oibre don Chóineartú / Workbook for Confirmation Preparation

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As with all aspects of parenting, the support and security provided by parental involvement is crucial to the childs sense of development and self-esteem. You can contribute to this process in a very positive way by helping the child to work through the scrapbook in any way you can; by talking about the issues that arise, commenting on how the work is progressing and providing resources as required. If you do this, the end result will be a treasured memento which your child will keep for many years to come, long after Confirmation.

For the teacher, this book is intended as a classroom resource, flexible and non-prescriptive in nature. Each pupil can stamp his or her personality on the book with the use of colour. At the end of the year, each scrapbook will be as individual as its owner. A number of blank pages have been included at the back of the book for work to be prescribed at the teachers discretion. Similarly, the empty spaces on many pages are intended for the pupils own artwork or photographs, cuttings etc., at the teachers discretion. I hope the souvenir scrapbook will serve as a constructive way for teachers to provide a means for children to focus on the issues and topics that matter, and to be a vehicle for making Confirmation Year as relevant, as meaningful and as memorable in the lives of the pupils as it deserves to be.

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