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Iontas! 1




Oral, aural, reading and writing skills are developed in each unit of this new vibrant, modern series
A building-block approach allows students to build on their skills in a logical manner and gain confidence
Provides a clear emphasis on the spoken language, with group work, paired activities and oral class work scattered throughout each unit
Oral sections are included in each unit
Students are encouraged to describe photos and picture series to practise vocabulary – particularly helpful for students taking the Oral Irish exam
Aural work is integrated and relates directly to the topic taught in each unit
Contains examples of exam-style ‘cluastuiscint’ questions in keeping with the new layout
A step-by-step approach to writing with comprehensive notes and examples
Students are taught each topic in a simple ‘no fuss’ manner with a particular focus on writing paragraphs, drafting e-mails and messages, and telling simple stories
An integrated approach to grammar with emphasis on understanding the concept behind each rule
A separate grammar unit that teaches the basic elements of grammar required
Contains a revision section at the end of each unit
A comprehensive test booklet delivers a variety of tests to help the teacher to monitor whether the topics have been grasped by the student
Each unit of Iontas 1 also teaches students one ‘seanfhocal’
Unit 8 contains a collection of folklore storiesand poems, giving students the opportunity to explore Irish heritage in an engaging and accessible way
Free Students’ CD includes all oral section and cluastuiscint repeats