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Rí Thoraí

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Rí Thoraí: Ó Chathair go Creig – Patsaí Dan Mag Ruaidhrí

Patsy Dan Rodgers was born in Dublin and, at four years of age, was adopted by a caring couple on Tory Island, County Donegal in the 1940s. He had a fine, healthy life on this lively island, on the edge of the Great Atlantic Ocean as a fisherman, farmer, artist and musician. He rightly resisted attempts to have the island abandoned in the 1970s. He was made King of the island in 1993. Although Patsy cannot write in his native Irish Gaelic he recounts the main events of his life to Dr Art Hughes. It is certainly a story well worth telling and it can take its place as a fascinating and inspirational story in the world’s library.

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