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Scaoilim Uaim Thú

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It’s the end of August 1994 and Maol Mhuire’s life is in the balance. She’s in her hospital bed unable to move, speak or see. But she is able to hear… She hears Muiris, her former lover, struggling to  write a poem in her honour. He hasn’t written a poem since he got a life sentence, almost twenty  years earlier, for a crime connected to the time he spent in the ‘Movement’. As he struggles to  write, Maol Mhuire is reminded of the difficulty Muiris always had expressing his emotions – in his  creative life, or in his everyday family life. This is a story about the lack of understanding and communication between people, which keeps us confined within the narrow world of our own  perception. The liberating roles of love and creativity. 

Annette Byrne is from Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Ireland. She is currently living in Esnandes, a village on  the west coast of France, near La Rochelle. 

‘A first-rate piece of work by an accomplished artist… The story Scaoilim Uaim Thú closely relates to life in modern Ireland. I can’t think of any other work that will give you as much pleasure, between the fast-moving, modernistic pace of its thinking and the humanity of its story-telling.’ — Liam Prút.

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