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Crainn agus Toir – cur síos cuimsitheach ar chrainn agus ar thoir in Éirinn

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This remarkably comprehensive account of native and non-native Irish trees and shrubs is written by author Máirín Uí Chonchubhair, the research for which has spanned three decades. It is an epic exploration, interlinking cultural and environmental histories.

As well as a comprehensive explanation of their botanical attributes, this book contains a fascinating account of the role of trees and shrubs in balancing ecosystems throughout the ages; their uses from medicinal and culinary purposes to woodcraft, woodcarving, landscaping, furniture making, and construction; together with their part in spells and superstition, myths, legends, poetry, literature and folklore.

This lively and scholarly work, in full colour, is written entirely in Irish containing over 400 species illuminated with over 2,000 colour photographs, diagrams and illustrations.

Crainn agus Toir will give us an insight into how the natural world interacts and it will help students and future generations to interface with the subject in our native language.

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